MacFlux 3 Web Development Tool Creates Rich HTML5 Websites

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you are a web developer and you use a Mac, you will definitely want to check out Macware’s MacFlux 3.1.4. MacFlux was designed to simplify the creation of rich HTML5 and XHTML websites through the use of WYSIWYG functionality, while still providing powerful features.

MacFlux also features a CSS editor which enables novice developers to build and revise complex websites. The tool is divided between two main windows: the Site Manager and the Page Editor. The Site Manager is used to create new projects and add HTML or CSS files. The Page Editor is where web pages are actually created.

A library of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS widgets is included with MacFlux, and enables users to add buttons, photo galleries, and other embellishments. Pages can then be previewed in any web browser you have installed on your Mac using a preview tool that is built into MacFlux.

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