Looking to the Future at Google I/O 2011

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Even after the halls are long empty, the memories of Google I/O 2011 are strong. From robots to API news, to Android announcements, the conference looked to the future. Topics ranged from Android housekeeping to Google Music, the new Chromebook and JavaScript as the programming language of the future.

Developer topics aside, many will likely remember Google I/O 2011 as the year of the bots--they ranged from miniature robots such as the Arduino bots that showed up at the After Dark party, to the PR2, a life-sized humanoid robot, and even some two-wheeled Hasbro Androids.

The topic of Google Music and Video was discussed, with many in the industry feeling that Amazon.com has some distinct advantages in the genre, not withstanding their current position as the number one retailer of music CDs in the world. Google may have other advantages, but getting through the legal hurdles with the music industry isn't going to be easy--Amazon is still having issues in spite of their CD sales volume.

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