Is jQuery the Best We Can Do for JavaSript Tools?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many people, developers included, have come to understanding of how prevalent jQuery is, and that is makes up almost 70% of the JavaScript that is currently being used online. After all, it includes all the best concepts from other JavaScript libraries such as Prototype, Dojo and Yahoo's YUI and has made them easier to use.

That said, there are other very useful tools out there that may be as good, if not better than jQuery for specific functions. One such tool, MooTools, provides browser-independent code for working with arrays, divs, spans and more. Other libraries are available for the creation of animations and data visualization, as well as libraries for the server-side.

Other tools, such as Mashi, provide an example of how sprites can be animated, and it provides more than three dozen standard easing functions which can move sprites along a timeline, which is going to be very useful if HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are going to ever fully take the place of Adobe Flash technology.

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