Is JavaScript As Annoying As Java Once Was?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Lately it may appear to observers that every developer is a fan of JavaScript, the premier scripting language of the web. It's being promoted as the de'facto technology for creating high end apps along with HTML5 and CSS3, but a recent article by The Dodgy Coder suggests that many developers have found it to be as programatically annoying as Java once was, more so than any other language in existence.

The unofficial, unscientific test was done by comparing how many people were using a specific programming language, and how many basic, repetitive questions about that language have been posted to the StackOverflow website. In their article, they showed that only 7.6% of total questions were related to Java, with over 17% of programmers in the world still using the language, while JavaScript, which represents only 2.191% of all developers, accounts for 6.1% of all questions on the site. Obviously JavaScript developers have a lot of questions that had to be asked.
The conclusion they drew in the article wasn't that JavaScript is difficult to use or learn, but more that the scripting language isn't typically the first choice of developers when it comes to programming. Now that it is being used and promoted by so many large companies and organizations, it has become more apparent that is has some serious issues to deal with if it is to be taken seriously as a programming language.
Read the original article here.

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