Is Google's Upcoming Dart Programming Language a JavaScript Killer?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

JavaScript seems to be in its prime these days, and is often looked at as a critical component for today's web applications. If Google has its way, JavaScript may be left behind, with Google's new Dart programming language taking its place.

Google's problem with JavaScript is that, in their opinion, it is fundamentally flawed, and can't be corrected fast enough to keep up with its development ambitions. Next month, Google will be announcing its new Dart programming language, but thus far, few details have been released about Dart.

An executive summary that was presented by Mark S. Miller, a Google engineer and designer, described JavaScript as having "fundamental flaws that cannot be fixed merely by evolving the language." The Dart programming language was formerly called Dash, and is being looked at as a replacement for JavaScript. As Miller's statement foretells, "The goal of the Dash effort is ultimately to replace JavaScript as the lingua franca of Web development on the open Web platform."

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