Intel Presents Their Vision of the Integrated 'Internet of Things'

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you've been dismissing the Internet of Things (IoT) as just the latest marketing buzzword being embraced by fringe players in the tech industry, you've got another thing coming. Intel, the semiconductor giant that still supplies the lion's share of computer chips powering servers and PCs around the world, on Tuesday introduced what it's calling the Intel IoT Platform—a streamlined, one-stop foundation for future hardware systems leveraging x86-based processing power, a cloud computing infrastructure, and software tailored to run on it. It's a heady move for Intel as 2014 comes to a close. Competing processor architectures like ARM, the leader in mobile device computing, are pushing upwards and outwards from low-power, client-centric applications into complex computing spaces long dominated by x86. Intel, the proverbial sleeping giant, has awoken to find that it is no longer the master of all it surveys and is once again striving to shape a more wide-open future to its advantage. Continue reading the full press release here.

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