Instead of Dart, or JavaScript, Some Developers Hooked on CoffeeScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff

A new programming language is both a blessing and a curse for developers. Interesting and potentially fun to learn, difficult and possibly tedious to work with. Google's new Dart programming language is no different than the rest--but some developers are embracing another language--CoffeeScript.

The CoffeeScript project, as it is known, was influenced by Python, Ruby, Haskell and YAML. At the end of the day, it compiles CoffeeScript code into the equivalent JavaScript code, and gets rid of semicolons, braces, and declarations that are not necessary, along with adding additional functionality such as pattern matching and array comprehension.

For developers who are more comfortable with object-oriented programming, Google Dart may be a viable option--that is, if they are also comfortable with setting up a Linux virtual machine (VM) and building the tools from the source code.

Read the original article here.

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