IBM i Server and Open Source CMS Goes Hand in Hand

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many large scale IBM i industry websites have made the move to open source content management systems (CMS), with Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress in the lead. The use of open source CMSes came as a direct result of the increased prominence of PHP as a web app programming language and the enhancements provided by Zend Technology and IBM.

Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal are the "big three" open source CMSes because they provide the core elements and background functionality needed to create, publish and manage a website. Joomla! seems to be in the middle as far as ease of use and learning curve, but its extensibility and functionality are enough to encourage large businesses such as IHOP and Citibank to use Joomla! for their websites.

While discussing the goals of the Joomla! team, Mark Dexter, a Joomla! Production Leadership Team member himself, stated that "We're targeting ease of use on the one hand, but delivering scalable and powerful functionality on the other hand. We don't think we have to do one or the other. Joomla sites are running websites for everything from small churches and mom and pop stores up to companies like McDonalds and eBay. It's a full spectrum of users."

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