IBM Announces Maqetta Open Source HTML5 Tool

By HTMLGoodies Staff

IBM this week announced Maqetta, along with the open source contribution of the Maqetta HTML5 visual authoring tool to the Dojo Foundation. Maqetta itself is an open source project which adds WYSIWYG functionality to HTML5 user interfaces.

Created from HTML5 itself, Maqetta runs in the web browser, and does not require any plug-ins or additional software (besides the browser itself). Developers can not only download and use the software on their own server, they can customize it to their heart's content, hopefully sharing any improvements with the open source community.

Rod Smith, VP of Emerging Internet Technologies at IBM, discussed the tool, reporting that "The problem in a nutshell is the Ajax ecosystem falls short in terms of tooling as compared to the likes of Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight and similar tools. We had 120 companies in the OpenAjax Alliance and the biggest complaint was interoperation of the widgets and the need for visual tooling, so we decided to address that."

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