HTML5 and JavaScript Development Face Seismic Shift

By HTMLGoodies Staff

At the QCon conference in New York this week, Oracle’s VP of Development, Cameron Purdy stated that Web development technologies, HTML5 and JavaScript are the new traditional programming languages today. And the reason for this shift is that these new development technologies are simply a better fit for today's mobile platforms, and that both HTML5 and JavaScript together are quickly becoming the programming platform onto themselves leading a change in magnitude not seen in over 15 years and quite analogous to what the development community witnessed in 1996 when Java tool over as the leading development language. ," Purdy said. "We haven't seen this magnitude of change in 15 years, since the Web came into public existence," Purdy said. Their growing popularity may be "quite analogous to what we saw with Java in 1996." Read the full details of this article here.

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