How Is Google an SEO Killer?

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Many websites use their own web server log files to determine the keywords and phrases that visitors to their websites use to locate their sites when using a search engine. Google is now starting to encrypt the information about a search, so that the information will not be shared with those websites. Is Google an SEO killer?

Along with keyword data, referral data will be encrypted and not shared with websites. That means when someone visits a website by using a search engine, typing in a key word, clicking on a link in the results set that the search engine provides, and by clicking the link is taken to the website, none of that information will be passed on to the website.

While it sounds drastic, it will only apply to those users who are logged into their Google account. Right now, it is unlikely to have any major effect, but as Google+ grows, many users remain logged in, and your keywords and referrals will begin to shrink. SEO killer indeed.

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