How Google's RankBrain Works

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Next Web has published a deep dive into Google's RankBrain technology that could be helpful for Web developers looking to drive more search traffic to their sites. For those who don't know, RankBrain is machine learning technology that contributes to the search rankings for some Google queries. More specifically, it uses artificial intelligence tools to help it understand the 15 percent of Google searches every day that the search engine has never seen before.

According to the article, "In 2016, a Googler named Andrey Lipattsev confirmed that RankBrain was now among its top three ranking signals for search, along with links and content as the other two most influential factors." It adds, "RankBrain is search results relevance on steroids. Simply put, you must improve your content relevancy to match the query intent. Yes, SEO best practices are crucial to traffic, and rankings are competitive than ever."

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