How Adobe Will Differentiate HTML5 from Flash 11 Using 3D

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe seems to want the public to believe that it is embracing both HTML5 and Flash, but the message at the MAX 2011 conference is that Adobe Flash still has some advantages that HTML5 does not possess. According to Adobe, the AIR 3 platform for Flash 11 can render 3D content 1,000 times faster than before.

Obviously Adobe was irked by Microsoft's recent announcement that its upcoming Windows 8 Metro-style apps will not support any third party plug-ins, including Adobe Flash, and will instead rely on HTML5. The response from Adobe was to embrace HTML5, while at the same time pointing out the advantages of the AIR 3 platform for Flash 11.

The senior product manager for Adobe, Scott Castle, spoke to developers, and stated that "Our goal with the Flash platform is to allow you guys to build mobile content, mobile applications, in-browser content on mobile devices that looks like the same experience you get with native applications, and the same experience you get on the desktop and the browser."

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