Google Says Panda Search Engine Algorithm Did Not Target Rivals

By HTMLGoodies Staff

When Google made updates to its search engine and implemented the Panda algorithm, it affected over 12% of all websites. For some sites however, such as Microsoft owned Ciao.co.uk, it meant losing 94% of their visibility.

Google says that the Panda change did not target its rivals and their sites, such as Ciao.co.uk, and that its goal was simply to provide a better search mechanism. Google's blog discusses Panda, and states that "Our goal is simple: to give people the most relevant answers to their queries as quickly as possible. This requires constant tuning of our algorithms, as new content—both good and bad—comes online all the time."

The search engine giant regularly updates its algorithm to obtain more refined and accurate search results. Panda was said to target bad search engine optimization (SEO) practices and content spammers--sites that re-purpose content from other sites to gain traffic.

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