Google Has Processed 720,000 Right-to-be-Forgotten Requests

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Google Senior Privacy Counsel Peter Fleischer has posted a blog detailing the search giant's efforts to comply with the European Union's right-to-be-forgotten mandate. During the three years since the rule went into effect, Google has handled 720,000 requests for links to be removed from search engine results. The company complied with the requests about 43 percent of the time.

The blog post said that implementing the mandate is difficult because of two issues. First, some of the requests cover information that is in the public interest. "The tricky thing with this kind of information is that it is often important for people to know and it is frequently reported in newspapers and elsewhere," he said.

Second, Fleischer said that EU requests to apply the right-to-be-forgotten outside their national borders sets a dangerous precedent that could lead other countries to demand that all sorts of data be hidden.

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