Google Guidance On SEO and High Quality Websites

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Google has made it apparent that the changes they recently made to their search algorithm were all about website quality. Recently the folks at Google gave some insight as to how quality websites are created, and how it affects SEO.

To get the best search engine rankings, and keep them, Google suggests that sites focus on delivering the best user experience they can, rather than focusing on search engine rankings. The implementation of the Panda algorithm affected over 12% of all websites, but it's just one of over 500 search improvements that Google plans to make over the next year.

The algorithms that Google uses are designed to assist people with finding what Google considers to be "high quality" sites. They do that by reducing the search engine ranks of sites that contain "low quality" content. By creating content that is trusted, written by informed authors, that is not duplicated, websites can achieve higher rankings. All SEO tricks designed to fool the search engine into higher rankings will, eventually at least, achieve the opposite result.

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