Google Blurs The Distinction Between Mobile Web vs Mobile App Even More

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The debate about the use of a mobile website versus a mobile application continues to rage, however Google just blurred the distinction between the two even more. Right before the Labor Day weekend, Google announced that it was dropping support for AdMob for mobile websites, moving them over to its AdSense ad platform.

Also relevant to the debate, Flurry recently announced the results of research which showed that US mobile app advertising inventory will soon be equivalent to the entire US internet display advertising by the end of the year. Mobile app advertising could just be the next big thing for advertisers.  

While mobile apps are continuing to grow in popularity, all apps are not equal according to consumers. Although Android dominates the market, the top 50 apps make up 61 percent of the combined time spent using mobile apps, and the top 10 Android apps take up 43 percent of that time. That's still a narrow market for advertisers.

Read the original article here.

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