Google Announces Updates to Web Toolkit (GWT) and Plugin for Eclipse (GPE)

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google this week announced the release of updated versions of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE). GWT was created to enable developers to construct high-level browser-based apps, while GPE works along with the Eclipse development environment.

Chris Ramsdale, developer programmes engineer at Google, recently stated in a blog that "The number of new APIs hosted by Google has been on the rise lately and we think this is great for developers looking to add cool features to their apps, such as Google Maps overlays, Buzz streams and Google Docs integration. So to help developers build out these features, we’ve added the ability to browse and add Google APIs directly from Eclipse."

GPE enables Java developers to work from within the Eclipse IDE to create complex cloud-based apps by optimizing and improving apps using the powerful Google API functionality and feature set.

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