Google Announces New Google+ Hangout API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google this week announced the release of the Google+ Hangouts Application Programming Interface (API), and will be allowing developers to download it as a "developer preview" for testing purposes. The Hangouts API enables developers to create user experiences inside Google+ Hangouts, as well as create real-time Hangouts apps.

One existing example of a Google+ Hangout app is Google's built-in YouTube player, which allows users who are in a Hangout to watch videos together, as a group. Developers who wish to use the Hangouts API will begin by creating a web application, registering it with Google, and specifying who can load the app into a Google+ Hangout. At that point it will act like any other web app.

Additionally, a few multimedia APIs are included which provide apps with the functionality needed to mute audio and video feeds within a Hangout.

Read the original article here.

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