Getting Started With RESTful Web Services

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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If you are a PowerBuilder .NET developer, you may be interested in developing PowerBuilder RESTful Web Service clients. You can use PowerBuilder 12.5 .NET's functionality to use WCF to call RESTful web services, as we will discuss in this article.

RESTful web services are simple web services which take advantage of HTPP's native GET, PUT, POST and DELETE methods. Unlike SOAP, which is a protocol, REST is an architecture, so there is no official "standard" for RESTful web services.

By implementing RESTful web services in a particular manner, they are able to return data in several different standard formats including XML, CSV, RSS, ATOM and JSON, which is great for PowerBuilder 12.5 developers--it supports XML and JSON. JSON itself is a JavaScript/AJAX data transfer format.

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