Four Search Engine Optimization Tactics to Avoid

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and methodology change frequently, and web developers and website owners are always eager to learn the latest SEO tips. Beware of bad advice from so-called experts, as it can often lead to disasterous results and search engine blacklisting.

Punch Communications, an SEO agency, has come up with a list of some questionable SEO tactics that you should avoid at all costs. One bad technique they point out is keyword stuffing, where people force keywords into their content, even though it doesn't actually fit the subject matter being discussed.

Another ill-mannered SEO tactic is to essentially spam other sites, forums and blogs with off-topic comments, along with a link back to the spammer's site. Those who contribute valuable conversation and relevant links are usually welcome. Spammers are hated universally across the board--it won't win you any SEO points, nor will it win you any friends.

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