Former Mercury Interactive Country Manager Joins Typemock

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Typemock, the leading provider and pioneer of automated unit testing solutions, has announced that Yuval Tsuk will be joining Typemock as Head of Global Enterprise Sales. Mr. Tsuk established and headed the Sales Division at Mercury Interactive Israel (Mercury Interactive was later acquired by HP for $4.5 Billion). He also served for nine years as the EMEA Regional Manager of Wind River (later acquired by Intel).

Yuval Tsuk said: “Despite the wide acceptance of agile methodologies in software development, automated unit testing - which is an essential part of Agile - is not a common enough practice among enterprises and developers. The fully automated unit testing solution offered by Typemock allows enterprises to advance their business goals through rapid development and by saving on QA resources, while fully maintaining the high quality of the product. Having begun my career as a programmer and having lived and breathed the high-tech industry for more than two decades, I have no doubt that Typemock's unit testing solutions can contribute significantly to organizations, by saving both time and resources, and by preserving the quality and flexibility of their software code for many years."

Eli Lopian, CEO Typemock, said: "I am delighted that a professional of Yuval Tsuk’s caliber will be joining Typemock. I have no doubt that he will contribute a great deal to achieving Typemock's mission, that automated unit testing become an integral part in software development methodologies. Yuval has an impressive record in software sales management and I’m sure that he will assist Typemock in enhancing its position and market share in the software enterprise world."

Typemock’s automated unit testing solutions enable fast and easy testing of all code written on .NET and C / C + + in both old (legacy code) and new code. The company's flagship product: Typemock Isolator for .NET, features the advanced and unique SmartRunner, the first tool to handle automatic duration-based test sorting – quicker tests run first – so programmers get the important feedback they need quickly. Typemock Isolator also includes enhanced visual coverage capabilities. In addition, Isolator V7.4 continues to be the most advanced mocking framework for .NET.

About Typemock

Typemock was conceived in 2004 to help programmers become agile through easy unit testing. Since the launch of the first version of Typemock Isolator in 2006, thousands of companies around the world use Typemock's unit testing tools to ensure software agility and quality as well as to prevent code decay. Typemock users are developers from a wide range of sectors – such as defense, medical, and finance – that demand exceptionally high standards of quality and minimum bugs.

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