Flatiron School Fined $375,000 Over Student Employment Claims

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Flatiron School, a for-profit coding bootcamp that offers multiple courses in Web development, will pay $375,000 to settle charges brought by the New York Attorney General. The AG said that the school had operated without the proper license and that its outcomes report didn't meet the standard for "clear and conspicuous" disclosure.

For example, the school's website said that 98.5 percent of graduates had found jobs within 180 days after they graduated from Flatiron. However, it buried the fact that many of those "jobs" were part-time freelance gigs, contract work or apprenticeships. In actuality, only 58 percent of people who took in-person classes at the school found full-time jobs.

Former Flatiron School students have three months to file a complaint if they would like to get a portion of that $375,000.

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