Firefox Nightly's Full-Screen API To Enhance HTML5 Games and Video

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The full-screen API, which was initially discussed in the WHATWG mailing list last year, was enabled in the Firefox nightly builds stating this week. The API enables web apps to toggle from a browser display to a full-screen mode using a single page element, and will provide a boost for HTML5 games and video apps.

By using the full-screen API, developers can more easily add native full-screen playback for HTML apps that include video player interfaces, as well as games and other apps that could be enhanced by full-screen playback and interaction.

The initial support for the full-screen API was provided by WebKit earlier this year, and later by the Chrome web browser. Mozilla will be adding the feature to its Firefox 10 release, but until then, developers can use the nightly Firefox builds to test it out.

Read the original article here.

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