Faster Mobile Apps Possible With jQ.Mobi JavaScript Framework

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week JQ.Mobi, a specialized version of the jQuery JavaScript library that has been optimized for HTML5, was made available in a beta version for Android and Apple iOS developers. Some developers have already touted the impressive speed improvements and reduction in size.

The CTO and founder of appMobi, Sam Abadir, discussed the implications of the release, stating that "This is a big step for developers in JavaScript and HTML5 toward getting the same types of UI advantages that they have in native platforms. The intent of this project is to put it out there and hopefully have it influence other projects as well."

The HTML5 features that are supported by jQ.Mobi include support for Cascading Style Sheets 3 (CSS3) and WebKit. JQ.Mobi also includes a query selector engine, plug-ins and a UI library.

Read the original article here.

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