Engine Yard PaaS Touts Extended Language Connections for Node.js

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The commercial grade Engine Yard Cloud has been a configurable PaaS solution for Ruby on Rails and PHP, and now includes Node.js, the JavaScript "language of the browser" created to merge development of front-end and server-side architectures. Engine Yard explains that typical use cases for Node.js include real-time applications that require constant feedback and input. Also web applications that are concurrent and have long running requests or responses, such as networked multi-player games, interactive tools, and websites and web analytics. "Engine Yard has always been a strong advocate of open source technology. In parallel with the company's continued investment in the Ruby on Rails and PHP communities, Engine Yard is committed to supporting Node.js and its growing adoption," said Bill Platt, VP, operations at Engine Yard. Read the original post here.

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