Drupal or WordPress: Which Is Best For Your Website?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Online businesses that are considering a content management system (CMS) often have the same goals: to be able to provide timely content to their visitors, update their site regularly, and stay current with CMS software updates. Often, however, they select different CMSes to accomplish those goals. Why WordPress for one, and Drupal for another? Which is best?

Both WordPress and Drupal are open source CMSes, and both have decent core feature sets. But along with their similarities, there are many differences. Drupal is very extensible, and provides some flexibility that WordPress does not allow, but it comes with a cost: a high learning curve.

WordPress, on the other hand, is fairly simple and easy to master, but that doesn't mean it is simplistic--many complex websites have been created using the CMS. For some developers, the ability to easily create websites without a high learning curve is worth any loss of flexibility or extensibility that might arise from using such a CMS.
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