CSS Regions Now Supported by Chrome 15

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Adobe came up with the concept of CSS Regions to allow designers to create more complex layouts which include the capacity for content flow--in other words, magazine-style layouts with content that is displayed in more than one region, with one section flowing automatically into the next. It was announced this week that the Chrome 15 web browser now includes support for CSS Regions.

Although Internet Explorer 10 does include support for part of CSS Regions, the Chrome 15 browser is the first to include full support for Adobe's layout concept. Chrome developer Mihai Corlan has created a demonstration page which allows users to see the text reflow, if you're using the Chrome browser, when you resize the browser.

Although there are still some bugs to work out, Corlan is on top of the issues, and has already fixed many of the reported problems. He feels that the CSS Regions support in Chrome is still at the experimental stage, rather than the production stage, but is still useful for trying out new techniques.

Read the original article here.

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