Create HTML5 Friendly Flash Files With Google Swiffy

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Flash developers who would like to be able to create content for iOS device users will be interested in Google Swiffy, a new tool designed to convert Flash files into HTML5 application that can be viewed on all modern browsers, including those on mobile devices.

A developer can put their Flash SWF files into the Swiffy converter, which then breaks it into a JSON file, which is then rendered into HTML, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and CSS. The file sizes of the converted Flash files isn't much larger than the original, and will allow the file to be played on browsers that do not support Flash.

Rather than be adversarial, Adobe has commented that it is "pleased to see the Flash platform extend to devices which don't support the Flash player" and continued to say that Adobe would "look forward to close collaboration around efforts like these." Swiffy is currently part of Google Labs while Google is deciding if they want to make the project open source.

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