Common Web Design Errors You Can Avoid

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many businesses that are just getting started manage to get their business online, only to succumb to common errors that could have been avoided. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, recognizing these problems before they occur should be your top priority.

The most common mistake is when a business puts the website design before the website's content. Keep in mind that visitors to your site are not likely to come there to see the design, no matter how wonderful it may be. They typically come to a website via a search engine, as they are looking for a product, a service, an answer to a question, media such as music or video, or data about a subject that are interested in.

Another common mistake is to come up with a website layout and design without having a goal in mind. If you were creating an advertisement for a TV commercial, you wouldn't do it without some sort of goal. Your goal could be the sale of your product, getting a visitor to turn into a subscriber, or even to teach the visitor specific information. Keep that goal in mind as you design the website.

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