CodeLobster 3.8.1 IDE Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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This week the latest release of the free CodeLobster integrated development environment (IDE), version 3.8.1, was made available for download. CodeLobster 3.8.1, the PHP Edition, is a portable Windows-based IDE which allows developers to quickly create PHP scripts and full scale PHP-based websites.

The CodeLobster PHP Edition includes autocomplete coding functionality for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL as well as PHP. It also includes a PHP debugger, color-coded highlighting, and dynamic help files. The HTML/CSS inspector enables developers to locate specific code and styles on any web page.

Other features include collapsing code (code folding), highlighting of paired tags and attributes, class view and a full-featured project manager. A Professional version of CodeLobster 3.8.1 PHP Edition is available with plug-ins for most CMSes and frameworks.

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