CMS2CMS: HTML to Drupal, WordPress or Joomla Migration Opportunity Receives Update

By HTMLGoodies Staff

CMS2CMS migration service is announcing its new service update. From now on, all website owners have an excellent opportunity to move their static HTML content to WordPress , Drupal or Joomla as seamlessly and trouble-free as possible without intensive hands-on. Due to the service, users now can keep focused on their business running while CMS2CMS takes care of all their migration hassles and inconveniences.  Those willing to go the CMS route (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) instead of running static HTML websites usually find a lot to like with CMS2CMS:

- Endless Intuitiveness (the tool doesn’t expect any special skills to master and operate it properly).
- Expert Assistance (users are provided with a welcoming place to go via 24/7 live chat support).
- Free Demo Available (importing a limited amount of website data users are given the possibility to estimate the website migration in progress).

Continue reading this press release here.

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