CMS MODX Announces the Release of Their New Open Source Launches Cloud Service

By HTMLGoodies Staff

MODX, just as many open source projects, began its life as a volunteer project over 8 years and steadily grew into a fully-fledged company by 2010 after organizing their very first user conference. With services focused on customizing the appearance and structure of commercial websites CMS continues to attract agencies that build websites for their clients. The service is focused mostly on attracting agencies that build websites for clients and emphasizes the ability to extensively customize the appearance and structure of a site. Their new solution offers users the ability to easily sign up for an account and begin building sites for their clients without ever worrying about technology under the hood, yet still allowing those who want it. MODX continues to add much deeper layers of customization than most user are accustomed to seeing from a hosted CMS service. Read the full details of this announcement here.

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