Canadians Are Paying $0.31 to Open Your Website

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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People in the United States and much of Europe often take low mobile data costs for granted, but in some parts of the globe, accessing a website from a mobile device can be surprisingly costly. A new website called What Does My Site Cost? estimates those charges for various countries. To use it, you simply type in a WebPageTest Test ID or a site URL, and the website does the rest.

On average, the most expensive place to access a website from a mobile device is Canada, where it costs $0.31 (all prices in US dollars). Japan and Brazil are tied for second place at $0.21, followed by Germany ($0.20), Botswana ($.019) and Mauritania ($0.17). Even in the United States, it costs $0.16 for an average mobile website visit.

And in case you are interested, it costs less than the average to visit HTMLGoodies.com.

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