Both Website Visitors and Developers Benefit from HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Web developers have been working with HTML5 for some time now, but the benefits of HTML5 will enhance the web experience for end users as well. The markup language improves accessibility, enhances presentational choices and provides better performance across multiple devices and platforms.

One example of how HTML5 can be used to enhance the user experience is that HTML5 enables developers to specify which website resources a user can modify, and how much they can modify the resources. By using the contenteditable attribute on form input boxes along with the new spellcheck attribute and autofocus attribute, the user will be able to interact with the form, change the content of the checkbox, have their new content checked for spelling errors, all without any additional effort on their part.

While some features of HTML5, such as contenteditable and spellcheck, are not fully supported on all web browsers, they were designed to gracefully degrade on browsers that do not support them, so the end user will not even be aware of them.

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