Award Winning Websites Share Certain Features

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Successful websites share various attributes that contribute to their success--but findinng out what those attributes are is a difficult task. The Web Marketing Association  focuses on those attributes in their recent report, Attributes of Award Winning Websites.

The report was created with the goal of providing web developers with insights into the web technology industry. They did this by looking at common aspects of websites that were winners in the 2010 WebAward competition.

William Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association, talked about the report, stating that "We think this study will help give those developing websites important insights into industry development trends. Since 2006, we have gathered demographic data on the sites entered. Whether you are in an agency or a corporate interactive marketing department, it is always difficult to benchmark your efforts and demonstrate to senior management and/or clients how your efforts compare. The results of this study will be one way to help accomplish that task."

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