/daily_news/article.php/421358/New-MusixMatch-API-Enables-Lyric-Search-Through-API.htm New MusixMatch API Enables Lyric Search Through API

New MusixMatch API Enables Lyric Search Through API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Music lyrics are one the most searched for items, and MusixMatch has just made it easier for developers who wish to enable their users to access those lyrics. With the introduction of its MusixMatch API, developers can access 5 million officially licensed lyrics.

To use the API, you need to register with MusixMatch and receive an API key. The API is REST-based and returns data in three formats: JSON(default), XML or JSONP. Developers can look up methods in the API Wiki.

Although the service is still in testing, and only open to non-commercial use, it provides a service for those developers who are leery of copyright issues that other lyrics services have run into.

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