/daily_news/article.php/421132/An-Intro-to-Web-Development-For-Newbies.htm An Intro to Web Development For Newbies

An Intro to Web Development For Newbies

By HTMLGoodies Staff

After taking over a company website that was built upon Drupal and PHP, I learned some lessons that other beginning web developers may find helpful.

After learning a bit of PHP, and then diving headfirst into the Drupal content management system, I learned the following that seems to apply to most developers running medium to large websites.

Don't attempt to run your own web server. By using a hosted web server, you won't have to install Apache, MySQL or a myriad of other development-related services. By using a hosted server, you are able to use a Control Panel (cPanel), as well as being able to use traditional FTP clients, telnet clients and other tools. You can also take advantage of affiliate programs that can provide additional income.

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