/daily_news/article.php/421130/How-the-Web-Was-Won-by-the-iPad.htm How the Web Was Won, by the iPad

How the Web Was Won, by the iPad

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Apple's iPad is changing the way people view the web, and as a result, it's having an effect on web developers as well. Many developers have revamped their websites from top to bottom in anticipation of those visitors who use iPads.

Many businesses are interested in creating apps for their site's visitors. Even Mashable, a popular tech blog, has created an iPad app. Why do they need one? Because iPad users are looking for a more streamlined version of their favorite sites.

For the most part, the desire to appeal to iPad users isn't a bad thing--after all, most sites that have been modified to work on iPads do look better than their original web personas. Besides having a more streamlined appearance, they often provide better user experiences, and appear to more people in general.

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