New jQuery UI Widgets Announced by ComponentOne

By HTMLGoodies Staff

ComponentOne this week announced its new jQuery user interface (UI) widgets, recognizing the power of the combination of technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Their new tools, called Wijmo, enable developers to create rich internet applications (RIA) using these technologies.

Wijmo extends the standard features of jQuery UI with extra features and widgets for the development of interactive website and apps. The product manager of ComponentOne, Chris Bannon, stated that "Wijmo was born out of necessity – we needed it! When we wanted to completely rebuild our ASP.NET tools, we looked to jQuery UI as our client-side framework. It was perfect for what we wanted: a powerful, yet lightweight framework for JavaScript UI components."

The new jQuery tool is divided into two "kits" which are named Wijmo Complete and Wijmo Open. The Complete kit is for commercial developers, and the Open kit is free, and open source under the MIT/GPL licenses.

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