/daily_news/article.php/420050/JRuby-Community-Releases-JRuby-16-Release-Candidate-1.htm JRuby Community Releases JRuby 1.6 Release Candidate 1

JRuby Community Releases JRuby 1.6 Release Candidate 1

By HTMLGoodies Staff

JRuby developers are excited this week by the announcement from the JRuby community that it is releasing RC 1 of JRuby 1.6. This release is the largest ever of the 100 percent Java implementation of the Ruby programming language, and includes fixes for hundreds of user issues.

Additionally, this release provides Ruby 1.9.2 language and API compatibility. JRuby 1.6 RC1 includes incremental performance improvements such as faster libraries, and integrates more seamlessly with the latest release of Ruby on Rails, version 3.0.

The JRuby community believes that this release will provide Windows-based Ruby users with the best experience yet. This release focuses on general performance and scalability improvements, along with the addition of support for RubyGems 1.4.2.

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