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FierceDeveloper.com Predictions for Developers in 2011

By HTMLGoodies Staff

For mobile developers, the concept of a new year's resolution is a different animal. Most mobile developers have resolved to make some serious money in the coming year, and FierceDeveloper.com has some interesting predictions for those developers in 2011.

The first prediction is that Apple will release the iOS to Verizon, boosting developer interest far ahead of the Android OS. Almost 59 percent of over 2,300 developers who were surveyed in September by Appcelerator and research firm IDC believe that Google's Android OS is the platform to beat in the long term. Only 39 percent felt the same about Applie's iOS.

The second prediction is that Android developers will shift from the creation of consumer apps to enterprise tools, largely due to the adoption of Android devices in the corporate marketplace. Google is activating 300,000 new Android devices every day, up from 200,000 each day in August of 2010. That kind of growth simply can't be ignored.

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