More Android and Windows Phone 7 Applications Being Developed

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google's Android went from 30,000 apps in March of 2010, to around 150,000 today. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 grew to over 5,000 apps in only two months--even faster than Android. Although they are both still catching up to Apple's App Store, which has over 300,000 apps, they are gaining ground every day.

The Android market has seen impressive growth in the last two months of the year, with 24,000 apps added in November, and another 26,000 in December. Compare this to March, when the Android Market only had 30,000 apps, or July, when they had 70,000.

Equally impressive is the growth in the number of Windows Phone 7 apps only two months into the game. Even Android took close to three times as long to reach the 5,000 app milestone.

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