/daily_news/article.php/419048/Bad-Web-Videos-Can-Hurt-Your-Business-Solutions.htm Bad Web Videos Can Hurt Your Business: Solutions

Bad Web Videos Can Hurt Your Business: Solutions

By HTMLGoodies Staff

In the rush to get their videos on the web so they can be competitive, many businesses have created some really great examples of what not to do. Let's look at a few such videos and show you what can be done to improve them.

Many businesses don't honestly recognize that they are not in the business of making videos. A lack of technical expertise, on camera talent, accurate content selection, and marketing choices can make for a very unprofessional appearance. Even some supposed web video production "experts" fail to acknowledge their own shortcomings in regards to video production and marketing.

This article showcases videos that really demonstrate ineffective video production for the web, and explains what makes them so ineffective. Then it discusses ways to learn from these videos to enhance your own video production efforts.

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