/daily_news/article.php/417786/What-is-the-Google-Chrome-OS.htm What is the Google Chrome OS?

What is the Google Chrome OS?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

You may have heard that Google this week announced their upcoming operating system, the Chrome OS. The confusion is about why they are announcing it now, when it is still in a pre-beta stage, if you can even call it that.

Many developers were relieved to hear about the Chrome OS, however many more were wondering what has gotten into Google to be showing off pre-beta software to reporters. Many features are still missing, including digital camera support, and the list of bugs and problems reported by developers is extensive.

Google seems to be testing its software on its own hardware, but presenting it as something that is already here and available. Hardware support, aside from Google's own devices, is barely there. In the future one hopes to see a more solid Chrome OS before the balloons are brought out.

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