/daily_news/article.php/417626/Sitecore-Content-Management-System-Adds-Multilingual-Functionality.htm Sitecore Content Management System Adds Multilingual Functionality

Sitecore Content Management System Adds Multilingual Functionality

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Sitecore content management system (CMS) this week added internationalization to its feature-set by working with partner Clay Tablet Technologies. The new relationship will allow the .NET CMS to add multilingual functionality to the content it displays.

Clay Tablet contributes translation connectivity software which enables the Sitecore CMS to work in conjunction with various translation providers and services. This allows editors who use the software to automate translation processes for each content item, as well as larger batch translations.

Sitecore Connector 3.0 features bulk exporting, field filtering, automated version creation and email notifications. Additional details can be found on the Sitecore website.

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