/daily_news/article.php/416672/Website-Building-Tool-Launched-by-WebsiteBusinesscom.htm Website Building Tool Launched by WebsiteBusiness.com

Website Building Tool Launched by WebsiteBusiness.com

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The folks at WebsiteBusiness.com recently announced the release of their own Website Building Tool, aptly called and located at WebsiteBuildingTool.com. The tool was designed to simplify the process of creating a business website from scratch.

The owner of WebsiteBusiness, Kyle Winn, is proud of the new app, stating that "One thing I think about every day is how to make the company better, help it gain momentum and stay ahead of the curve. One major aspect of our company is that we pride ourselves on the education that we provide our clients."

Those interested in creating a website will find the tool easier than most similar utilities, as Website Building Tool is designed to be utilized via a web browser, rather than a downloadable application.

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