Tim Berners-Lee, Founder of the Web: A Call for Action

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The founder of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, recently posted a 6-page statement that discusses trends that will affect the way we use the web. Currently, we use "http://www." when we type in a URL, but according to the statement, that may not be the case much longer.

Berners-Lee was the person who invented the Universal Resource Locater (URL) more than 20 years ago. In his statement, he said that it's crucial for the URL to remain a part of the browser experience, even if that experience may occur on mobile devices, televisions, desktops, tablets or other hardware.

One surprising tidbit to come from the web's founder was his call for developers to once again embrace Microsoft, citing the Redmond company's recent announcement that they will be using their massive technology resources to accelerate HTML5 development.

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