RIM Doesn't Support the Way Apple Treats Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many developers are unhappy with the way that Apple controls the development process. Now Research In Motion (RIM), also chimed into the debate, saying that they do not approve of the closed development environment that Apple prescribes for iOS developers.

Co-CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie, believes in his own company's development philosophy, which allows developers to ability to create apps for the BlackBerry without forcing them to do so using native code. RIM also allows developers to use Adobe's AIR SDK if they want to create apps for the company's new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC.

Balsillie went so far as to say that "We believe that you can bring the mobile to the Web but you don't need to go through some kind of control point of an SDK and that's the core part of our message. You don't need an app for the Web."

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