HTML5 Allows Businesses To Target More Mobile Devices With Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

In the last two years, demand for mobile apps has reached an unprecedented pace, with more devices capable of using such apps. Businesses looking to enter the market are scrambling to learn just how they can deliver their services via mobile devices.

The ability for small and medium-sized businesses to deliver low cost applications (with a high impact) to mobile devices has caused such businesses to reevaluate their development strategies. The ability, or limitation, to deliver such apps affects those businesses' ability to reach employees, partners, users and potential customers.

The skills that were traditionally required to create and deliver such apps have changed to the point where even mainstream designers and scripters are joining the effort. By using mid-level development tools, these mid-level developers are creating apps that can reach a huge audience, bypassing the need for hardcore programmers in the process.

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